Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Story of Cap and Trade

Through this short film we as designers can take that if we understand the system we can step in and start to turn these problems into solutions. Obviously as shown, cap and trade is not the solution to reduction of CO2 emotions, I think that the best and most important point to get from this is that the best way to take out carbon from the atmosphere is to leave it safely in the ground. Therefore as product designers we have to understand all the pollution created by the products we design and try or best to minimize it.

This could be from either, using less material so manufacturing is less, or compacting design so that shipment is less, or even designing so that there are less electronic mechanisms in the world, our challenge is to explore the possibilities in design and adopt them to current projects.

Design For Life

This is a very engaging show which really widened my eyes to product design. To see Phillip Starck’s way of thinking and how he critiques a lot of the students work is extremely interesting and useful. In this show Phillip Starck’ wanted to find new talent of design in Britain, and to also help the students and viewers with conscious product decisions. The design ethics are shown through a couple of his comments, ‘To many products in a world were resources are diminishing’ really highlights the way in which product design should be taken on. Designers should be so critical in their design so that people want to cherish items and keep/ use them through out life, minimizing ‘useless product’.

Another key design ethic the Phillip states is that product designers should look behind the product at the meaning, the purpose, the intention, the style, and use. To be able to look in-depth into a product is a key principle that designers should have to be able to design products which consumers will hold on to.

The last design ethic that I would like to high light is the need to be able to present. This is an essential part of being a designer, if we cant communicate our ideas then the clients then they wont understand the product and intern wont buy the product. Phillips metaphor for presenting, as being like your at the circus, taking risks, scaring your self and having fun, I think is a fantastic way designers should approach presenting their work to clients .

The 11th Hour

Astonished by this video, the first one hour really showed an understanding of how the world will become extinct through global warming and other issues such as resource depletion and pollution if we continue to live the way we are living now. Being the only animal on the planet able to recognize how our actions could effect the future, we should utilizes this, look ahead and recognize where the opportunities lie, and maybe we can save our existence… SO WHY DON’T WE??

As designers I feel that we should join together and totally re think the way in which people use resources and change their understanding and behavior towards products. Products need to fulfill A need, so why are there so many products for one need ?? … being just a theory there might be some faults to this but after watching this video I really do think that people and designers need to change their attitudes toward a product.

This seems like a big step for one person but I feel if you want to tackle large scale ecological problems then it has to be a neutral agreement between large scale communities to find the solution and to dedicate their actions to change behavior.