Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here are some redesigns of the ikea chair.

With our design we tried to add value to the chair, by having the chair grow with its owner. We had agreed that the target for this type of chair was a first home buyer, mid 20's, low income and is need of a cheap set of chairs to eat dinner off. So they would buy a set of 4 Ikea chairs to sit around a dinner table.

Our redesign saw our chair growing into a rocking chair, when our users grow into a family, with their first child. Instead of buying a new rocking chair, the user can buy an adaption for one of their dinner chairs. This adaption includes 2 half moon shaped feet, and a back support. The feet would be slid on to the feet of the chair,enabling the chair to rock.We considered the fact that the person would be on this chair for a longer period of time, therefore we added additional back support for comfort.

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