Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Task 1 - Ecological Footprint

At First glance of this file, I was amazed at the amount of worlds it would take if everyone lived the same life style as I do. Upon further reading, I was shocked that the average countries footprint is higher than mine. It seams that our country has an extremely high carbon foot print and it is astonishing that most of the people don’t have any clue of the damage it is doing.

I must admit I was one of the many who had NO idea the amount of energy that has been wasted due to my lifestyle. Being above average in household footprint has got me thinking about how much energy I have been wasting in the house hold. It has enlightened me to rethink about leaving computers, TV, or gaming consoles on or even on standby.

Amazingly this little exercise has widened my view of my own carbon footprint than any other type of medium. I can recall now advertisements about saving energy and thinking that that wouldn’t apply to me and that I was quite efficient with my house hold footprint. Turns out that this survey being so personal really hit the spot.

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Dr Mariano Ramirez Jr said...

Good to see your reflection here Mike, and I can see your determination in reducing your ecological footprint. Good luck!